Stephen Felicetti – Imagination

Stephen Felicetti - Imagination

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Stephen Felicetti – Imagination
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Delta Tauri Records, 1994

The cd-print already mentions the description Symphonic New Age, and that pretty much covers the musical content of this – without a doubt – remarkable cd. The American Stephen Felicetti is responsible for this 1st official release (he appears to have already composed six symphonies for synthesizer in addition to many piano and new age albums) with strongly orchestral music that in its style strongly resembles that of Vangelis, with sometimes an accent a la Synergy. You would almost think that this Felicetti must have a classical background. Very strong is e.g. the strong Vangelis-like second piece “Glory” or the heroic “Eventide”, while for me personally the summit is reached at the end by the fantastic, pompous title piece. The very well-done cd booklet also contains a wonderful combination of photos and short poems that support the Imagination concept. Check out this album if you love the sweeping, majestic sounds of Vangelis.



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