Stephen Parsick – Cambrium – music for protozoa

ephen Parsick - Cambrium - music for protozoa

Release data:

Stephen Parsick – Cambrium – music for protozoa
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

The biggest part of the dark dronescape music on “Cambrium” was played live by Stephen Parsick during a concert at Bochum planetarium on December, 13th, 2008, although the concept and the shape of the music had been in his mind for a couple of years.

For the music, Stephen extensively used the Arp 2600 synthesizer for creating both layered drone textures and immersive soundscapes next to wide a range of weird sound effects which were all to visualize the hatching and development of new life forms, the core concept of the album.

Thick layers of expansive drones, short sequenced passages and slowly moving, dense atmospheres make up the core of this album, although the title track sounds a tad lighter with its flowing impact.
This is night music to be absorbed with dim light or your eyes closed and headphones on. Be immersed!

“Cambrium” was released in a small batch of only 25 numbered copies, but is also available as legal download album from Extended Moment at MusicZeit.


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