Stephen Parsick – Cambrium – music for protozoa

Stephen Parsick - Cambrium - music for protozoa

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Stephen Parsick – Cambrium – music for protozoa
CD, Private Release, 2009

No, this is not the same album as the one previously released as a limited edition of only 25 numbered copies.

Stephen was offered the opportunity to play a concert at the annual “Nacht der Klange” at Bielefeld University on May 29, 2009. Here, he staged “Cambrium” a second time in a three hour concert, but now also took a EMS VCS-3 MK-1 with him.
As Stephen explains in the press-sheet, this instrument offers new dimensions in terms of improvised electronic sound, creating “timbral protozoa” from complex layered drones and loops during the performance.

Well, comparing this recording to the other one is difficult. But to me, the immersive landscape of vast drones here seem to have gained a certain gritty dimension, which seems to pull you even deeper into its absorbing grip while the soundscapes slowly morph on and wash over you.
The feeling of deep immersion and wonder is still all over the place, so I enjoyed this one with the same amount of pleasure as the Bochum version.


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