Stephen Parsick – Cryotainer – music for gasometers

Stephen Parsick - Cryotainer - music for gasometers

Release data:

Stephen Parsick – Cryotainer – music for gasometers
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

As the titled already suggests, the 64 minutes of long form music found on “Cryotainer” is of a frosty and cold nature.
It is in fact a live recording of a concert performed in Oberhausen at the Gasometer (an abandoned industrial gas tank) in November 2007.
Stephen recorded the resonance and reverb of the building while playing, which he later implemented to the live set.

The eight tracks on the album have a ghostly and abandoning effect, as they journey into the deep, dark end.
The vast, clouded, slowly shapeshifting dronescapes and powerful textures have the best impact when heard through headphones, revealing the magic and impact of the three dimensional sound environment where it was performed.

Like the previous private releases, “Cryotainer” was released in a small batch of only 25 numbered copies.

All in all, this carefully shaped and sculptured piece of occasionally thunderous and slowly meandering soundscapes is highly recommended.
Well done, Stephen.


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