Stephen Parsick – Hoellenengel

Stephen Parsick - Hoellenengel


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Stephen Parsick – Hoellenengel
CD, Private Release, 2005

With “Hoellenengel”, recorded between November 2000 to November 2004, German synthesist Stephen Parsick brings us his second solo recording.

The music on this album features the unique and beautiful sounds of the Yamaha CS80, which many know from several Vangelis recordings. Stephen also made the music without any computers, multi-track recorders, sequencers, MIDI interfaces or overdubs, recording all tracks straight to DAT.

Well, Stephen’s “sequel” to Vangelis’ “Bladerunner” soundtrack is a fine crafted work of “doombient”, offering highly atmospheric and darker sonic musings which indeed strongly relate to the core sound of that soundtrack. In addition, there’s also a bit of the industrial output of Lustmord noticeable, fortunately without getting experimental.

Listening to and sensing “Hoellenengel” feels like a journey, a descent into a dense but magical underworld. It features a very nice shifting of intense spheres and well rendered textures, which especially is highlighted on the tracks “Der Nullpunkt”, “Der Prinz” and “Das Lied Vom Erde”, and above all on the impressive “Der Leichenkeller”.

All in all, the factory-pressed cd “Hoellenengel” is an excellent and highly recommended immersive ambient recording of evocative, very moody and intense soundscapes making up a beautiful sonic painting.


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