Stephen Parsick – Moon Musick

Stephen Parsick - Moon Musick

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Stephen Parsick – Moon Musick
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Doombient, 2021

“Moon Musick” is an atmospheric work of ambient art of which the original music dates back to 2006/2007 when the idea surfaced for a cd to go with an illustrated picture book for children, something that didn’t happen in the end.

Fortunately, Stephen rediscovered the music (featuring Markus Reuter on touch guitar and loops on “Phase three”) while going through his archive in more recent times and decided to remix the individual tracks slightly to enhance the overall dreamy setting. The latter process involved the implementation of assorted field recordings (distant thunder, water, crickets to name a few) to establish gentle shifts as the textural soundscapes and drone tapestries evolve.

It has led to a 60-minute imaginary, immersive yet powerful outcome (with some gracious, elevating effect on the previously mentioned “Phase Three”) best experienced with headphones to sense “Moon Musick’s” overall intrinsic beauty, hope and calm. I for one feel this recording makes even more impression knowing this composer was also the creator of 2018’s “No sleep til Wilmersdorf” that addressed the Berlin years at the end of the ‘70’s when die Mauer was still there. Nice going, Stephen.

Rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars


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