Stephen Parsick – Rhizophora -music for mangroves-

Stephen Parsick - Rhizophora -music for mangroves-

Release data:

Stephen Parsick – Rhizophora -music for mangroves-
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

“Rhizophora” is another atmospheric and overall deep ambient recording by Stephen Parsick, again released as a very limited edition.
From his notes I learned the music was originally premiered and performed by [‘ramp] at the geräuschwelten festival in April 2006.

As the live performance didn’t work out as planned, Stephen decided to “rework” the original patches and electrix repeater loops in his home studio in December 2008. To them, he added the sonics of the Prophet 5, the Emulators, and the Wavestation in order to come up with some new textures and timbres of unearthly beauty.

The very quiet and pleasing outcome are ten blended tracks of moody drone and soundscape music, atmospheric sounds (surf and crickets) and occasionally some gamelan. The dense, slowly morphing textures of “Caldera” and “Gunung Krakatau” realm in the same sonic territory as Mathias Grassow’s „Lanzarote Concert”, but the soundscapes gain more spaciousness as “Selat Mentawai” starts unfolding.
All together, the music somewhat evokes some of the same sensations and images as e.g. Robert Rich’s “Rainforest” release, although the music is a totally different story.

As such, I second Parsick’s remark that „Rhizophora” is an intense musical journey visualizing the heart and culture of Indonesia. It’s extremely slow, deep-listening stuff simply making time dissolve. Nice job, Stephen!


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