Stephen Parsick – Schwartzschild – music for planetariums

Stephen Parsick - Schwartzschild - music for planetariums


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Stephen Parsick – Schwartzschild – music for planetariums
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

I’ve always been a fan of space music, so when Stephen Parsick send me a copy of his very limited release “Schwartzschild”, I almost knew I would love it (and in fact I wasn’t the least disappointed).

The album was recorded in January/February 2007 at Stephen’s own Zwischenraum studio, and is the actual outcome of his personal rehearsals for a [‘ramp] concert performed at Bochum planetarium.

In the seven extended tracks, making up 77 minutes of “otherworldly” electronic music, Stephen takes us on a floating journey into the deep ends of the galaxy by using an interesting range of drone-related textures in which a keen use of small variations of timbres make the whole listening trip a very enjoyable one.

For the third track, Stephen used a theme by Vangelis, and re-arranged it beautifully in his own style, so he did for the closing track “A Question unanswered”, for which he gave a Charles Ives theme his own twist.

Let there be no doubt the free form, gently morphing but deep music on this recording contains strong elements of minimalism as the carefully shaped cinematic soundscapes go forth.
This highly atmospheric music especially works magic when you hear it through headphones with your eyes closed.

The totally black album was released in a small batch of only 25 numbered copies.
Very nicely rendered, Stephen!


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