Stephen Parsick – Sediments -music from 1989 to 1994-

Stephen Parsick - Sediments -music from 1989 to 1994-


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Stephen Parsick – Sediments -music from 1989 to 1994-
CD-R, Private Release, 2008

I must say it’s always nice to hear the “roots” of an EM-artist, especially when he or she has gained its own share in the genre in better and worse times.

“Sediments” is a compilation album containing the best tracks Stephen Parsick’s first two cassettes “The Rotation of Galaxy” (1989) and “Polarity” (1991), to which some previously unreleased bonus material from 1994 was added.
In order to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a musician in May 2008, Stephen decided to give a selection of his early music a proper treatment and make it sound the way it was supposed to be, in terms of “official” in length, format, and sound.

The music of the first three lengthy tracks (all taken from “The Rotation of Galaxy” which Stephen released under the moniker Ganymed) is of a slow-paced, overall quiet and freeform textural nature with occasional effects and spoken phrases in the background.
Its overall flowing atmosphere breaths a great vintage and slightly melancholic vibe which makes your thoughts travel backwards to those days gone by.

Tracks 4–9 are taken from the cassette album “Polarity”. The fourth track sets things in motion with well-paced sequencing and uplifting synth pads, after which the slightly Krafwerk-like fifth track shifts to fourth gear. The following tracks return to the atmospheric side, and those who love choral/cathedral sounds will absolutely love the synth pads of the seventh track (and the reprise of it in the ninth).

At the end of the album, the sonic content of 10th piece realms beautifully in Schulze’s “Moondawn”, after which things wind down with some excellent vintage sequencing and retro sounds on the last track. From Stephens notes I learned he composed both pieces after the album “Trancesession” was completed with Lambert Ringlage.

All in all, “Sediment” offers some very nice stuff indeed, and not only for collectors.
This privately released album was put out in a small batch of only 25 numbered copies.


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