Stephen Philips – Dagboken

Stephen Philips - Dagboken

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Stephen Philips – Dagboken
CD-R, Hypnos Recordings, 2005

The album “Dagboken” (the word is Swedish for “diary”) is the first release by Stephen Philips and the Hypnos-label. Philips is owner of the ambient label Dark Duck Records and also initiator of the Drone Download project which is linked to it.

Well, the album consists of one uninterrupted piece, 72 minutes what one might call an imaginative piece of ambient textural drone music. The drone texture starts off in a light and totally flowing nature, embedded in meandering environmental sounds and murmurs.

Around the 50 minute mark some harsher sounds show up which leave the scene after a couple of minutes. In all, this lengthy exercise into deep ambience is something which only fans of the genre will appreciate.


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