Steve Brand – Bridge to Nowhere

Steve Brand - Bridge to Nowhere

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Steve Brand – Bridge to Nowhere
CD-R, Hypnos Secret Sounds, 2008

Steve Brand is an US-based musician who previously released music in the experimental genre using the name Augur.
Brand considers music not only a way of looking inward and expressing one’s self, but a way of reaching out to others and ultimately expanding the boundaries of the world individually and collectively .

On the spacious sounding “Bridge to Nowhere”, the accessible ambient music carries strong ritualistic elements with tribal influences.
Part one of the title track with thunderous undercurrents nicely takes off with extended wordless vocals, uplifting, space textures, occasional piano and flute sounds surrounding it.

The following three tracks, all clocking at 20 minutes,extend the hypnotic, dreamy state, as free form soundscapes, moody piano and nature sounds meander forth in calming, soothing realms, without getting superficial or new age for one moment.

This is quality ambient music with minimal elements that will be loved by fans of Temps Perdu, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Mathias Grassow and alike.


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