Steve Brand – SoulSpiral

Steve Brand - SoulSpiral

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Steve Brand – SoulSpiral
CD-R, AtmoWorks, 2008

Steve Brand’s album “SoulSpiral” contains two expansive textural zone worlds, both clocking over 31 minutes, of which the music was inspired by stunning Hubble/NASA space footage and channelled writings.

The meandering, freeform sound worlds of the opening title track have a deepening, hypnotizing but most of all a time shifting impact. It leaves space for darker and lighter shades, which nicely interact with each other, although some passages sound a bit crowded to my taste.

The strongly Tibetan-flavoured “Worldmaker”, starts out more active and organic before the flowing soundscapes take over, leading the way “to the other side, into dimly lit worlds, other possible universes, other possible selves”.
This in-depth , David Parsons’ kindred piece sure is my favourite on this nicely rendered ambient excursion.

The album is available as CD-r or as 320 kbps mp3 download.


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