Steve Hillage – Rainbow Dome Musick

Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick


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Steve Hillage – Rainbow Dome Musick
CD, Virgin Records, 1979

The music captured on this classic blissed-out ambient album was recorded for the “Rainbow Dome” installation at the festival for Mind-Body-Spirit at Olympia London April 21-29 1979.

The cd contains two lengthy tracks of 20 minute each, of which “Garden of Paradise” gently takes off with water and bell sounds, to which soft, warm synth textures are added that ebb and flow.
Halfway, some sparkling electric and glissando guitar licks are added, which sets the whole composition into slow motion.

The second piece “Four Ever Rainbow” begins with bells sounds and warm Moog textures, after which cascading textures meander forth in well slightly psychedelic soundscapes.
Around the 12-minute mark a slow sequence sets in, again putting the music in pleasant, tranquil motion. Especially the first eight minutes of this track feel like a soft whirling breeze.

Twenty years after its initial release, the cd was remastered and re-released in 2007, but no bonus tracks were added .
“Rainbow Dome Musick”, which now would be labelled as chill-out or even new age flavoured music, still hasn’t lost its significance, beauty and intrinsic power after all these years.
Sonic bliss of its finest!



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