Steve Joliffe – Poland

Steve Joliffe - Poland

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Steve Joliffe – Poland
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2006

What I got here is actually a live recording made at the Ricochet Festival in September 2004.

“Poland” contains three long tracks, kicked of by the strange mixed bag “Spring ‘67”. It starts out with solo piano with quite some discordant notes, later on even getting experimental with some awful guitar licks by Edgar Froese (done in 1967), to which Steve adds some hellish flute and ramblings. After nine minutes some nicer sounds show up, to which Steve keeps adding his unstructured piano ramblings and flute.

The 12 minute “Meadow Run” is next, a mishmash of piano, strings, flute and Eastern flavours without making a point.

The closing 22 minute track “Komarno” starts out interesting with a repetitive sequence and whirling soundscape, to which more repetitive motifs, and piano are added until the ten minute mark, after things get chaotic again.

Overall, this is unstructured and restless music which gets on your nerves, so I’m sure not many will miss a copy of this limited edition cd, of only 300 copies were made.



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