Steve Roach – A Soul Ascends

Steve Roach - A Soul Ascends

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Steve Roach – A Soul Ascends
CD/Digital Download,  Projekt Records, 2020

Meant for deep inward immersion & infinite playback, “A Soul Ascends”(created over seven days in mid-April 2020 during the Covid19 crisis) kinda fits in the same league as Roach”s “Quiet Music” and other tranquil longform soundworks.  While submerging in this new slow morphing outcome it becomes clear the music is more “present” in each of the three movements, all expressing the delicate and profound innerplay of contemplative space, tone and time.

Still I feel the textural progressions -addressing both the light and the dark- are a bit weary on and off to my ears, not creating the same magic space, and intrinsic beauty nor the profound stillness I know so well from “Structures from Silence” or “Quiet Music”.



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