Steve Roach – Afterlight

Steve Roach - Afterlight

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Steve Roach – Afterlight
CD, Timeroom Editions, 2009

“Afterlight” is a companion work which ambient musician Steve Roach composed in the Spring of 2009, in addition to the long-form releases “Destination Horizon” and “Immersion: Four”.

Again, we find one single highly atmospheric track of which the music is interconnected in a “pursuit of timelessness”, as is the case with the previous mentioned onces.

The outcome is a continuous, smooth and peaceful flow of airy, widescreen textural synthpads, an inner sanctuary to repose or contemplate with, best enjoyed at a low volume and put on in infinite playback mode.

Those who enjoyed Steve’s “Dynamic Stillness” can turn their mind and ears toward the 74-minute “Afterlight” without hesitation, as its creation originated immediately upon the completion of the first one (as Steve more or less explains in the cd booklet).

Note: “Afterlight” is also part of the “Steve Roach 2009 Box Set“, a limited, autographed, hand-assembled and personally numbered cd-box which also contains “Destination Horizon” and “Immersion: Four”, although all three albums are available seperately as well.


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