Steve Roach – Ambient Church

Steve Roach - Ambient Church

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Steve Roach – Ambient Church

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2023

Concerts performed in churches are something special, filling the sacred space with hallowed soundings. Ambient master Steve Roach already did several during his career, which this time around led him in June 2022 to New York City´s Church of the Heavenly Rest.

The full performance, integrating the music and massive sound of the cathedral, has been captured on this double cd and is a continuous flowing listening experience. Despite the grand environment where the event took place, the outcome sounds intimate to the ears, especially on the 1st set which features a very nice version of “Structures from Silence” after the sedate opener “The Embrace”.

The second set proves more active, starting out with the tribal, percussion-driven “Songline” with didgeridoo sections. Some reworked versions of the still stellar “Dreamtime Return” that found their way onto (the far less impressive) “Return of the Dreamtime” are also presented here. Fortunately, the set rounds out with nice versions of “What Remains” and “HeartBreath”.


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