Steve Roach & Mark Seelig – Nightbloom

Steve Roach and Mark Seelig - Nightbloom

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Steve Roach & Mark Seelig – Nightbloom
CD, Projekt Records, 2010

“Nightbloom”, Projekt’s first album released in an eco-friendly but still very beautifully designed 6-panel cd wallet, is a deep release that’s been in-progress for nearly two years.

“Nightbloom” offers a 73-minute long-form piece of slow-motion ambient bliss in five parts. The nocturnal mist-filled realm features Mark’s throat singing/vocal harmonic and Tuva-style overtoning with Steve’s immersive textural zone worlds and “terra” grooves, together creating an entrance to expanded musical and hypnotizing states of being.

What is described as space-opening sound magic is actually a quiet, deep and introspective sound well (with the exception of some groovy elements in part one and two) to linger and settle down for a while.
Take a deep breath and submerge…

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