Steve Roach – Arc of Passion

Steve Roach - Arc of Passion


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Steve Roach – Arc of Passion
CD, Projekt, 2008

Although Steve Roach has been around such a long time in ambient space music, he’s still able to suprise me after all these years.
The origins of the double album “Arc of Passion” came forth from a three month period of intensive touring and studio sessions, in which Steve weaved elements of his three definitive styles into a continuous, evolving flow.

Steve Roach describes the outcome as the “deeper end of my tribal ambient sound”, and surely draws parallels to previous albums like “Proof Positive” and “Mystic Chords”.

Both discs contain 50 minutes of carefully sculptured and shaped, slow morphing textural and sequenced music in which Roach’s ongoing search for even deeper, and further layered soundcurrents becomes apparent.

It’s a grand piece of precision and passion featuring beautiful sequences and great bridges between the different soundworlds, all made by a musician who’s quest for the deep end of sounds never seems to stop.
All in all, “Arc of Passion” is a truly solid release that any Roach fan will fully embrace.


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