Steve Roach – As it is

Steve Roach - As it is

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Steve Roach – As it is
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2021

I confess I had various doubts about the clinical vibe and digital-ish sound design surfacing on some of Steve’s sonic creations of late. Fortunately, none of this is present or sensed on “As it is”, a work Roach describes as a simmering, churning, moving appointment with reality, because it’s conceived as a sonic journey dealing with the reality of the global Covid 19 pandemic and what lies beyond. He feels that, since many of our routine habits have been stripped away, we’re faced with seeing the reality of the world as it is – both harsh and beautiful. Most of all, “As it is” offers the listener a revelatory experience, gearing up the full experience of life, one of confrontation and overcome, an ongoing process to absorb the dynamics of life.

The six tracks are made up of fluid, profound emotional atmospheres, melancholic waves and thought-provoking textural landscapes that without doubt will touch the heart and soul of any ambient aficionado, I reckon. It journeys back and forth between darkness and light, turning up the ethno-tribal ambient avenue briefly on “Threshold Meditation”. After that, currents full of mourning longing return to the stage.

The highlight of the 73-minute thought-provoking journey digging further in the soundquest is the profound evocative and tender “Emerging”. It’s a 13-minute epic full of grace, hope and positive energy where insight, peace and healing come full circle as it releases its gentle washes of drifting textures.


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