Steve Roach – At the Edge of Everything

Steve Roach - At the Edge of Everything

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Steve Roach – At the Edge of Everything
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

The live-album “At the Edge of Everything” travels back to the Dutch E-Live festival 2000, where Steve Roach performed (what he likes to refer to as) the zenith of a period in his deep organic / tribal ambient sound.

At the occasion, Mr Roach was accompanied by soul mate Vidna Obmana on fujara (overtone flute) and Jeffrey Fayman on frame drum. I have fond memories of that powerful and shamanistic/tribal sound world performance, witnessing all three musicians being curled up in a continuous energetic ride of mesmerizing trance grooves and lots of spontaneous improvisations on assorted organic instruments including didgeridoo.

All in all, “At the Edge of Everything” is a sonic melting pot with quite some psychedelic passages, journeying through mysterious landscapes and overtly dark underworlds. I for one think it only suited for experienced ambient listeners and avid fans of Steve’s minimal tribal-ambient style.


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