Steve Roach – Bloom Ascension

Steve Roach – Bloom Ascension

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Steve Roach – Bloom Ascension
MC/LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2019

Coined as a resplendent expression of elegant futurism, Steve Roach’s “Bloom Ascension” features four minimalist tracks of fractal, gentle spiraling analogue sequencer-driven electronics complemented by smooth yet elevating textural spheres.

Being the first release conceptualized for lp since “Desert Solitaire” (1989), the 41-minute outcome proves captivating and vibrant energetic through meticulously crafted, slow evolving circular patterns. Steve excels especially on the “Motivating Factor”, while the 16-minute title piece and opener “The Beauty Relentless” also get thumbs up for their thoughtful, mesmerizing aural architecture. It’s a pity though the 6-minute “Synesthete” doesn’t air that same intrinsic quality and drive.

Nevertheless, after the inspired “Electron Birth”, “Bloom Ascension” makes another fine release Roach-fans shouldn’t miss out on.


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