Steve Roach – Darkest before Dawn

Steve Roach - Darkest before Dawn

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Steve Roach – Darkest before Dawn
CD, Timeroom Editions, 2002

The press-sheet described this music as a “minimal, immersive sound environment” and “a deep zoneworld of glacial movement and magma-like flow”. In my opinion it most of all is a kind of introductory portal to Steve’s album “Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces”.

Created in The Timeroom in September 2002, “Darkest before Dawn” offers a 74 minute continuous flow of darkening textures, which could be a soundtrack for a journey through three-dimensional subterrean and outer spaces.

Thick, dense layers of sound slowly shapeshift, building immersive, massive walls sonic walls. Here, space, time and place don’t seem to have any meaning anymore as this deep sound experience slowly unfold before the minds eye.
It all makes this recording a nice addition to Steve’s already existing list of works meant for infinite playback.


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