Steve Roach – Destination Beyond

Steve Roach - Destination Beyond

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Steve Roach – Destination Beyond
CD, Projekt, 2009

With “Destination Beyond”, Steve Roach brings us another longform journey of expansive, beautifully rendered sonic vistas. It’s not as quiet as one might initially suspect, as Steve somewhat heads in the direction of “Destination Horizon”, a sole track he did years ago.

The 71-minute “Destination Beyond” is a work of constant movement: it incorporates soothing, spread-out textures with bass drones, rhythmic elements and cyclic sequencer patterns, all whirling round in a constant meditation of emotions, a yearning for what is over the next rise.

Just let the ebb and flow of this minmimal, slowly evolving piece take you into a serene sense of physical and mental travel. I’m sure you won’t regret the spells of magic it will work out during the ride…
Nice going, Steve.


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