Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness

Steve Roach - Dynamic Stillness


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Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness
CD, Projekt Records, 2009

Steve Roach has brewed another inner sanctuary of quietetude which has ended up as the double cd “Dynamic Stillness”, which has been in the works in his Timeroom studio over the past three years.

Those familiar with his expansive longform textural works can hereby welcome another chapter to his catalogue of vast and immersive sound structures, as the amorphous sound worlds found here expertly bridge silence and sonic space one more time.

The highly imaginary and slow morphing textural plains indeed reach into the deep end of things, although a dramatic and intense tension can be felt occasionally underneath the carefully shaped and moulded soundscapes as they drift by. Introspective and immersive in many ways, the silence and revelation found within this rhythmless and highly atmospheric work is beyond words.

Those looking for the sound of wide open spaces or a deep ambience to sooth and inspire the mind, will sure find a pleasing companion in the magic realms of this beautiful and mysterious sanctum named “Dynamic Stillness”.


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