Steve Roach – Early Man

Steve Roach - Early Man

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Steve Roach – Early Man
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manifold/Projekt Records, 2000/2001

“Early Man”, on Steve’s site described as primeval innerspace deep ambient, is a profound organic and highly atmospheric piece of sonic art, a 74-minute journey through excavated memories of ancient earth.

From the first track on, the listener is immersed into the deep depths of underground audioscapes, visualizing a prehistoric period in time through assorted acoustic percussion and lush synthesizer chords/drones. Its slow morphing textural plates paint a timeless realm of mystery and wonder, both challenging and fascinating. Steve put a lot of effort in sonic detail as well as in the meticulous layering and mastering of all ingredients slowly moving around in the spacious melting pot.

The initial release of “Early Man” was a limited edition in a specially designed package made with two slabs of gray slate. A year later, the album was re-released in conventional cd-packaging with a second disc called “Early Man Decomposed”. The “decomposed” version contains remixed and rearranged versions of the original source material as well as some newly recorded material.
If other recordings of Roach’s “organic” period are your cup of tea, “Early Man” should fit in there as well.


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