Steve Roach – Electron Birth


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Steve Roach – Electron Birth
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2018

It’s been a while since a dynamic, energetic as well as electrifying work of electronics by Steve Roach has seen the light of day. From the start the nearly 67-minute album track (created live in concert at the Galactic Center in 2018) propels the listener onwards, merging the classic style of “Empetus” with multi-layered sequencer-driven pieces of “Dreamtime Return” to a more contemporary sounding outcome.

What sonically didn’t work for (nor grab) me on “Return to the Dreamtime” -established at the same time and location- now takes you on a thrilling trip from start til finish. This vibrant space opens up a kaleidoscope of smoothened colors as it passes through many shapeshifting doorways, an attentive process of ongoing, spiraling and evolving evolution. A smoothening ambience presents itself on the (much shorter) 12-minute studio composition “Cloud Currents” where immersive textures in dynamic stillness mode wash ashore. “Electron Birth” simply proves Steve is back on the right track again.


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