Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte – Ritual Ground

Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte - Ritual Ground

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Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte – Ritual Ground
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent/Relic/Projekt Archive, 1993/2000

The electro-acoustic alchemy that ended up on “Ritual Ground” (originally released on the Silent-label in 1993 under the nom-de-plum Solitaire) was created in the period when Steve Roach travelled to Europe to play on festivals in The Netherlands and Germany.

The 56-minutes of atmospheric, tribal-inspired music created by him and Solitaire-member Elmar Schulte merges trance-rhythms, immersive textural soundscapes and a sense of cosmic music. It’s an outcome that glows by its magical, intrinsic power. The vibrant, overtly mystical and at times quite hypnotizing drone world displayed here recalls the aural and shamanic stuff by Suspended Memories, the tribal-organic exercises of Mr Roach along some of the murky stuff that would end up on Solitaire’s third album “Fearless”.

The strong finale, the 13-minute immersive “In the Forest of Ancient Light”, sounds fluid and ethereal (think “Quiet Music”, “Structures from Silence”) while carrying a grand underlayment with lush symphonic hints shimmering between its veins.

Overall, the tribal world of dark and light is both represented on this classic album that many have forgotten too easily or have missed out on.

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