Steve Roach – Empetus

Steve Roach - Empetus

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Steve Roach – Empetus
CD, Projekt, 1986/2008

This is the long awaited re-release of the classic album from 1986, which now comes as a collector’s edition double cd with brand new artwork.

The first disc contains the original, fully remastered album in all its glory, featuring a great bunch of dynamic sequencing and electronic drums with strong minimal elements (except the closing textural track “The Memory”).

In a way, the classic feel of “Empetus” (an album about infusing high emotion into the pieces) follows in the footsteps of the sonic terrain explored on the predecessors “Now” and “Traveler”.

Sonically, the music of “Empetus” carves deeper in the pool of melodic, hypnotizing but always energizing electronic sounds, both reflecting the begin of the eighties and the captivating sounds by German synth players at the other side of the ocean. This all influenced the sonic outcome of Steve’s collaborations in that period with e.g. Michael Stearns, Richard Burmer, Kevin Braheny and Robert Rich.

The (limited edition) second disc “The Early Years” brings another surprise, as it contains two lengthy pieces from the vaults: the 46-minute “Harmonia Mundi” is an live recording, which sees Steve collaborate with Thomas Ronkin (who years later would release two albums of his own). Both musicians created a great and versatile analogue set, going through a driving pattern of shapes and emotive synthetic landscapes, heading straight “towards the heart of the sequencer universe”.

The other piece is “Release”, a rhythmic sequencer track which realms in the vapours of “Now”, undeniably showing traces of the European style, and especially the Berliner School of electronic music.

Lovers of the German E-sound and sequencer style shouldn’t miss out on Empetus”.


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