Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo – Stream of Thought

Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo - Stream of Thought

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Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo – Stream of Thought
CD, Projekt, 2009

“Stream of Thought” is the long-awaited outcome of these two skilled musicians, of which the first drafts were already put down in 2007. Spanning exactly 70 minutes, this “continuous stream of sonic conciousness in 19 parts” is a complex, emotionally charged and very diverse sound painting.

Sound wise, the music is less traditional and more experimental, moving away from Roach’s deeper, transcendental style, although some ambient moments are still present.
Instead, it merges carefully moulded sonic vistas, creating a highly cinematic journey in which rhythmic, high-tech and ethereal ambient styles blend. Erik’s nice guitar playing shows up now and then, adding some extra icing on the cake.

Taking off atmospheric, things get really groovy on the great second part, while most other parts are charged by freeform textures, high-tech pulse sequencing and percussive elements.
Part four and five venture nicely in darkening, surreal soundworlds, while a low beat and fractal sequencing take centre stage on part eight.
Toward the end, the high-tech sonic outcome on part 15 and 16 sounds rather chaotic, inconsistent and experimental to my ears, before the albums renders down in a smooth style.

All in all, “Stream of Thought” is an expertly produced, mixed and mastered, constantly evolving cycle of dynamic sonic wizardy, more experimental in nature. So fasten your seatbelts and make up for a surreal listening experience (which is also a treat for testing the sound your hi-fi system by the way).

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