Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo – The Road Eternal

Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo -The Road Eternal

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Steve Roach & Erik Wøllo – The Road Eternal
CD, Projekt, 2011

“The Road Eternal” is the second collaborative album by Steve Roach and Erik Wøllo, following up their 2009-release “Stream of Thought”.
The framework and fundament of the albums music was layed down by the two composers in the days following directly after the Steve’s first SoundQuest Fest at the end of 2010.

“The Road Eternal” features highly cinematic (time)travel music inspired by the grandness, beauty and mysterious veil hanging over grand natural environments, offering six longer tracks digging the deep end of wide open plains and spaces.

The scenic route is kicked-off by the 21-minute title track, which at first seems quite uniform, but soon nicely evolves into expansive sonic vistas with energetic sequencer and rhythmic undercurrents while giving way to Wollo’s smooth (and at times even melodic) guitar work.
The groovy bass loop on “Depart at Sunrise” is enriched by hovering soundscapes and Erik’s trademark of soft yearning guitar licks.

Beautiful heavy bass drones start the 12-minute“The Next Place”, a more rhythm-oriented piece with a high-tech edge accompanied by Wollo’s spherical textural guitar work. “First Twilight” is a non-rhythmic, very airy and lush spherical painting. Things turn up the minimal alley with “Travel by Moonlight”, only given colour by Erik’s smooth guitar and airy tapestries.

The 5-minute “Night Strands” puts an end to the 63-minute album with lush spherics and David Sylvian-like guitar soundscapes, moulded into a moody and expansive painting with nice environmental sounds.

All in all, both the atmospheric as rhythmic/sequencer-spiced music find a home on “The Road Eternal”, an offering of harmonic and melodic sonic scenery to trigger the mind and even a vehicle to transport the listener to new places to be discovered.

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