Steve Roach – Etheric Imprints

Steve Roach - Etheric Imprints

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Steve Roach – Etheric Imprints
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2015

After the analogue sequencer-outing “Skeletion Keys”, Steve Roach hereby returns to deeply expansive, emotive and contemplative electronic music comprised into four minimalist low volume tracks.

Lots of reverb is at play in these slow morphing, melancholic-infused textural waves, all focusing on the essential elements of sound: silence, tone, and time-altering forms. These key basics are already merged together nicely with some sustained Eno-esque piano keys on the 30-minute title piece opening the album. Darker shades and perfumes fade in on “Indigo Shift”, a gentle psychedelic dwelling in which both ascending and descending sensations are present. Thereafter, the sky opens up in brightness on the captivating “Holding Light”, a smooth atmospheric drift surrounding a powerful liquid core. The ethereal soundtrip ends aptly with the transparent, introspective soundwave tapestries of “The Way Forward”, in which a sense of hope and release shimmers through clearly.

Although a link with “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music” still can be noticed occasionally, “Etheric Imprints” (featuring a contained sense of sensuality, stillness and reflection) sure is testament of music made in the contemporary timeframe.


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