Steve Roach – Future Flows

Steve Roach - Future Flows

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Steve Roach – Future Flows
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2013

“Future Flows” is the second part in a triptych that kicked-off with “Soul Tones” at the end of 2012. If you´re looking for any significant change in sound or direction, Roach´s “Future Flows” won’t bring any of that.

Still, the surge into deep and immersive sound worlds continues and seems what this recording is all about. From the first track on, the long form soundscapes (according Steve’s site they were all created from a palette of hand-crafted timbers and techniques) spread a nice tension through the ebbs and flows going on in the various layered, non-rhythmic textures.

The outcome offers various symphonic/ethereal flavors, revisiting sonic territory investigated on e.g. “Back to Life” and the massive “Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces”, but also the extensive journey undertaken on the older album “Ascension of Shadows” with kindred spirit vidnaObmana.
This slow-flow mood and at times even meditative music has a nice touch and soft glow, creating an overall contemplative sonic aura for 70 minutes.

As a side-note, I imagine “Future Flows” -and other of his recent albums- clearly illustrate Mr Roach’s full awareness the clock of life is ticking and hitting him (and us) faster and faster as we grow older.


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