Steve Roach – Immersion: Four

Steve Roach - Immersion: Four

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Steve Roach – Immersion: Four
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

In the “Immersion”-series, Steve Roach has arrived at number four, which –like all previous ones- contains only one longform piece clocking over 70 minutes.

As can be expected, the freeform music slowly evolves in a quiet, unhurried synth washes. Created for continuous low volume playback, this sanctuary of total contemplation offers more of the same non-dynamic smooth ambient textures as explored on the other parts, evoking kindred dream spheres and spaces.
Or to quote Steve’s own website info: “a steady state zone created specifically as a tone meditation, enhancing the living space as sonic incense”.

Note: “Immersion: Four” is also part of the “Steve Roach 2009 Box Set”, a limited, autographed, hand-assembled and personally numbered cd-box which also contains the albums “Afterlight” and “Destination Horizon”.


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