Steve Roach – Into the Majestic

Steve Roach - Into the Majestic

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Steve Roach – Into the Majestic
CD/Digital Download, Timeroom Editions, 2021

Here’s a floating soundscape from ambient master Steve Roach that shows he once more has found his way back time into an expansive space of embracing warmth and comfort.

“Into the Majestic”, featuring two lengthy pieces is rich in sound as it reveals its inner sanctum of beauty through subtle, gentle evolving textural waves and minimalist, continuously tweaked sequencing. The light and shadow of the previous album “Tomorrow” is shining on and off through the leaves of the absorbing, lush swirling soundwaves of the nearly 50-minute title track. This composition is complemented by “The Spiral Heart”, which appears to be a slightly extended and remodeled live-version of “HeartBreath” from the same album.

Without the intent to sound negative, I’m personally not that charmed of the light tech-touch simmering through the painted realms (something not present in the recordings from the “Dreamtime Return”-era and onward). This prevents me from giving it  3,5 stars. But I guess those loving contemporary entrancing ambient will appreciate “Into the Majestic” nevertheless.



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