Steve Roach – Invisible

Steve Roach - Invisible

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Steve Roach – Invisible
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Released on Bandcamp the first day of 2015, “Invisible” is Steve’s New Year’s gift and gesture to his loyal fanbase. Created in the last week of 2014 during a few cold and rain infused days, Mr Roach came up with a continuous 58-minute longform piece.

The latter is a slow morphing and evolving soundscape with a strong nocturnal flavor, featuring a slice of tribal ambient rhythms running underneath the imminent, morphing textures in the first half. It’s traversing through dark, distant imaginary lands and as such will appeal to ambient listeners who love to repose in the haunting, deeper coil of things while absorbing its mysterious realm. Between the 35 and 45 minute mark, a soft yearning feel is revealed, as Steve merges swirling guitar textures, groove/fractal sequencing and assorted percussion, while things erupt and open up in the spacious, textures-only last section.

Reflecting on the music as a whole I feel there are some nice sonic sketches and passages in there, but these deserve more attention and deepening to make the outcome stand out a bit more.

P.S. Steve released the album on factory-pressed cd in March 2015, on which the music is extended to 70 minutes.


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