Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes – The Ancestor Circle

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle

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Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes – The Ancestor Circle
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

Here’s a shamanic recording from the vaults using material recorded before Reyes’ death in 2009, sonically hailing back to the times of Suspended Memories, the tribal trio Roach/Reyes/Saiz and the organic period of Mr Roach.

“The Ancestor Circle”, also the first recording from Roach and Reyes since their release “Vine ~ Bark & Spore”, is a profound ambient travelogue into tribal mystery and vaporous/deeper worlds beyond, giving a voice to the spirits in the netherworld and the dreamtime to spellbinding effect. Moreover, music created to assist entrance to expanded states of consciousness, support a passage of life, birth and death and invoke the gods, spirits, and allies is addressed here thoroughly.

While accessing and venturing through the continuous realm, Jorge’s shaman-like chanting and musicianship connects with Steve’s synth wizardy (primordial soundworld meets future-tech in Steve’s worlds), along percussion, prehispanic flutes, ocarinas, assorted acoustic instruments. The primeval ritual is already executed on the 24-minute “Memories Unsuspended” though finding its pinnacle on the final “Temple of Dust”.

As such, “The Ancestor Circle” is medicine music for deeper/inner travel and discovery, a probing visceral experience with the power to illuminate and shroud in mystery, digging deep into zones hidden within the psyche.
This release suits experienced tribal & organic ambient listeners.

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