Steve Roach & Kelly David – The Long Night

Steve Roach & Kelly David - The Long Night


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Steve Roach & Kelly David – The Long Night
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2014

Ambient composer Kelly David has been one of the kindred spirits of Steve Roach, who helped him out on the spacious and detailed sound design of his two solo releases.

“The Long Night” is a 60-minute non-melodic, nocturnal soundscape offering with hardly any rhythm. All is quiet on the five-part piece but constantly on the move, as the listener ascends into deep caverns of massive, wide open spaces.

Both musicians lay down an extensive, slow morphing drone scape featuring lots of processed acoustic sounds sources, passing by imminent shadows with views of an infinite horizon. Adventure and a world of dreams is lurking here underneath, a feeling that’s emphasized by the ebb and flow tribal currents (flutes, occasional beats) running parallel in the meditative, atmospheric world.

On “Calm World”, things become more intense and upfront, riding the edge in slow motion while rays of shimmering light surface halfway. On the title track, found at the tail of the album, things really open up in soft-glowing, atmospheric splendor, radiating magic in all directions as we drift toward the end on its gentle waves.

All in all, “The Long Night” is a trip of exploration and wonder, melting minimalism with the intimate and contemplative while not straying too far from the meditative either. Nice going, guys!

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