Steve Roach – Live Transmission

Steve Roach - Live Transmission

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Steve Roach – Live Transmission
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2013

The music that landed on the double album “Live Transmission” was created, recorded and broadcasted live at the studio of internet radio station SomaFm, San Francisco, May 7 2013. Established in a single two-hour session two days after his May 2013 Ambicon concert, Steve grabbed the opportunity to journey in the moment into emotional, long-form spaces and dynamic-spiced slow morphing textures before a live audience.

Well, the outcome moves through tracks from his back catalogue, weaving sensuously evolving grooves and lengthy drone zones into a massive, at times malevolent sonic landscape. One of them is a shortened, altered version of “Looking for Safety” (from the landmark release “Dreamtime Return”) that’s nicely overhauled and re-interpreted.

The deep surges of fractal groove creation (“Kairos Portal”), tribal beats/percussion and vast, soft breathing atmospheric textures (“Vortex Immersion”) on both discs offer a constant shifting and spiraling of moods and perspective as we are revisiting classic tracks. “Westwind” is quite a tantalizing treat on the second disc with its vibrant, groovy sound design. The release rounds out with an extended version of the mesmerizing “Today”, an anniversary-track offered for free in February 2013 to friends of his music.

As such, “Live Transmission” is not an essential album, but a nice addition to Roach’s existing live-catalogue.


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