Steve Roach – Long Thoughts

Steve Roach - Long Thoughts


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CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

During his decades-long career Steve Roach has composed lots of longform ambient for looped infinite low volume playback mode to wander off gently and disappear in.

The completely freeform environment “Long Thoughts” is presented as a vital sanctuary of deep resonance and reflection to us humans as a constant deluge of overstimulation from all directions challenges and fractalizes our attention span into smaller and smaller packets in these modern times.

Soundwise, the continuous 73-minute sound sculpture of slow morphing textural waves and intrinsic power currents fit in the same league as the vast dronescapes “Slow Heat” , “The Dream Circle” and the tantalizing “World’s Edge”-track “To the Threshold Of Silence”, blending dark and light atmospheres seamlessly and in captivating form.

As such -and I hereby quote the press-sheet- “Long Thoughts” provides a place of solace, offering a soul-renewing immersion in the deeper end of the self-reflection pool. This quality release is for the deep listening ambient aficionados among us.


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