Steve Roach – Nostalgia for the Future

Steve Roach - Nostalgia for the Future

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Steve Roach – Nostalgia for the Future
CD/MC/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Edtions , 2017

“Nostalgia For the Future”, the companion release to “Long Thoughts”, is a calming reverie for the slow lane featuring a deep ambient flow of six interconnected soundworld immersions evoking an echo in time and place.

Darker shades are absent in this drifting tapestry of velvet, emotive-charged textures with an ethereal space simmering underneath.
Its intrinsic nature and gentle rise and fall of infinite synth waves somewhat recall the immersive sound art of “Dynamic Stillness” and “The Magnificent Void” occasionally.

Melancholy and subtle mourning surface on the fluid “Inside the Inside” while the aural spectrum smoothens further when as shifts into “Nostalgia in Waves”. On the final track “For the Future” the whole drift starts to fade and dissolve gradually into infinite mists as we keep heading toward distant horizon.

Despite “Nostalgia For the Future’s” pleasant lingering ambient current, “Long Thoughts” sounds more expressive and displays a much stronger intrinsic power.


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