Steve Roach – Proof Positive

Steve Roach - Proof Positive


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Steve Roach – Proof Positive
CD, Timeroom Editions, 2006

Steve’s Roach’s re-discovery of pure analogue instruments has led to another album of excellent “spontaneous impulse”, to quote the sleeve note of the cd.

The 21-minute track “Westwind” kicks off with great minimal pulse sequencing and delicate soundscapes before the tantalizing vintage sequences from “Living the Pulse” show up which impact reminded me of Schulze “Mental Door”.
“Essential Occurrence” last only three and a half minutes, melting sustained energy, bubbling sequencing and textures.
Hypnotizing sequences and whirling soundscapes take stage on “Adreno Stream” before things culminate in the pulsating energy of the 32-minute title track

This album reflects the joy of hands-on analogue sound creation and is a floating sensation by all means!


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