Steve Roach – Rest of Life

Steve Roach - Rest of Life

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Steve Roach – Rest of Life

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2023

The 134-minute “Rest of Life” is a release with a contemporary sound design celebrating calm, reflection, and introspection through arcs of immersive, textural music for which the composer consciously tuned into the soul tone of both “Quiet Music” and “Structures from Silence”. Steve himself refers to the outcome as “emerging from a place of deep peace, expansiveness, and renewal”, and “graceful, nurturing”.

On the first five tracks, strings of lush evolving soundscapes take the stage, making things drift into a timeless, ethereal realm where tenderness, melancholy, and thought reside. I for one think this resonates the most profoundly on “Softly Spoken Deeply Heard”, and “Stream of Forever” as well as the “The Knowing Place”, an aural still-point where Steve’s wife Linda Kohanov adds some lovely processed viola. The latter surely deepens the immersive character of this most gentle, meandering one-hour sonic meditation, a magical place beyond to disappear in without much effort.


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