Steve Roach & Robert Logan – Second Nature

Steve Roach & Robert Logan - Second Nature

Release data:

Steve Roach & Robert Logan – Second Nature
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2016

“Second Nature”, a work of processed grand piano and synth textures, was released simultaneously with the duo’s “BioSonic”. Sonically, it’s a totally different story though as the four tracks feature calming, ethereal ambient travelling into introspective, melancholic and mysterious territory. Lots of reverb and subtle layering was applied to come to this slow morphing, wavering and evolving backdrop filled with stark and remote aural tapestries, abstract synth vignettes and levels /phases all drenched in uneasy peacefulness.

Overall, “Second Nature’s” non-distractive, haunting-spacious character makes it suitable for evening and night music (but most certainly not the easy-listening type) while it can be patience-testing to others.

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