Steve Roach & Robert Rich – Waves of Now

Steve Roach & Robert Rich - Waves of Now


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Steve Roach & Robert Rich – Waves of Now
Digital Download, Soundquest Music, 2024

It’s some 30 years ago since Mr. Roach and Mr. Rich bookmarked their notable collaboration with the ambient-tribal-atmospheric recordings “Strata” and “Soma”. December 5, 2023, saw the return of the two accomplished musicians, celebrating their reunion through a live concert at the Club Congress, Tucson Arizona (produced by Steve Roach for the Ambient Lounge series) that’s documented on the 2-hour “Waves of Now”.

The set of intense, beautiful, mesmerizing, and rather psychoactive-infused music starts with some six Robert Rich solo tactile-organic sounding tracks followed by Steve Roach with several atmospheric-sequenced pieces of his catalog. From “Lightborn” on, the duo unfolds their unwavering magic with some cracking, in-depth atmospheric pieces like “Soma Waves”, “Luna Waves” and” “Horizons”. As a bonus, the download includes the complete album in two parts (70 and 53 minutes respectively) for the option of a continuous listening experience without individual track access points.

I for one think it such a pity the quality outcome of this soulful reunion is not made available on CD, which it simply deserves.


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