Steve Roach Stephen Kent Kenneth Newby – Halcyon Days

Steve Roach Stephen Kent Kenneth Newby - Halcyon Days  


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Steve Roach Stephen Kent Kenneth Newby – Halcyon Days
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 2018

It’s time for another heavyweight from the past. This particular collaboration between Steve and the aforementioned duo is definitely foddering for fans of Suspended Memories and Newby’s solo album “Ecology of Souls.” Kent and Newby have already made their mark in groups like Lights in a Fat City and Trans Mission.

The music (a meeting of the minds fueled by high desert ambience and a natural affinity for psychoactive sounds) was recorded by the trio between Christmas and New Year’s 1995 (the halcyon days) in Steve’s Timeroom studio, and when listened to explores entirely new roads in tribal-music land. It is again a rather inaccessible, mysterious, and dark music collage with lots of room for didjeridoo and very atmospheric and sometimes ominous samples obtained in the oddest ways (“amphibious dreaming”, “sampler shapeshifting” and “Max Objects”). It, therefore, takes several listens before the true depth and dimension in this shamanic-spiced music fully penetrates the listener: all in all a must for those who recognize something of their own musical taste.


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