Steve Roach – Stratus

Steve Roach - Stratus

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Steve Roach – Stratus

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Steve Roach Exclusive, 2020

“Stratus” is one of the vast range of releases Steve Roach offers through his Bandcamp Exclusive page. It features 6 atmospheric, cloud-inspired pieces that -according to the artist- should be part of a yet unreleased recording entitled “Seven Clouds”.

The 23-minute title piece kicks things off in a highly immersive manner: it’s a spiraling sound current of slow unwinding textures elevating the mind swiftly and easily into lush, smooth floating environs. These constellations of seamless, imaginary, and stress-relief moodscapes continue nicely on the following five tracks. Spherics though shift into darker-shaded realms on both “Altostratus” and “Cirrus”. Same as in all Roach’s works, the sense of time and expansiveness is the through-line.


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