Steve Roach – The Desert Collection Volume 1

Steve Roach - The Desert Collection Volume 1


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Steve Roach – The Desert Collection Volume 1
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2014

In a way, this 74-minute album (that started as a collection of desert-themed tracks sequenced for summer road trips between Arizona and California) is a kind of deserted island collection of ambient pieces, but now derived solely from the composers own works made within the last three decades.

The eight previously released tracks (taken from the albums “Dust to Dust”, “Desert Solitaire”, “Western Spaces” and “The Ambient Expanse”) on here give a voice to the hidden power, charm and beauty found in a vast and remote desert environment. The seamless flowing outcome is immersive and highly cinematic, maintaining a profound evocative mood, even shifting to ethereal atmospheres like on the grand and epic “The Eternal Expanse” or “The Slow Turning” . Here, the blissful serenity and delightful slowliness is still breathtaking.

Overall, this collection (which can also be used as an introduction to Mr Roachs expansive catalogue) is a very nice piece of work and a perfect vehicle to unwind from nowadays busyness and hectic.


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