Steve Roach – The Magnificent Void

Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void


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Steve Roach – The Magnificent Void
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1996

“The Void,” wrote metaphysician Stanislav Grof, “exists beyond form of any kind. While being a source of everything it cannot be itself derived from anything else. It is beyond space and time.”
This idea became the core concept of the vast interior landscape album “The Magificent Void”, a pinnacle in the range of ambient music Steve Roach put out in the middle of the ’90s.

There’s an overall dark veil lying over the carefully moulded, meandering and mysterious soundscapes with occasional organic elements, all presented as one continuous flow, radiating a feeling of total detachment of worldly affairs.

The 70-minute album received a grand finale with the expansive, textural chord soundings of the 20-minute “Altus”, taking us over the edge into the unlimited depth of space and time.

All in all, the non-rhythmic music makes up both a stunning surreal soundscape painting and immersive stillness, breathing atmosphere through all its veins.
Highly recommended!


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