Steve Roach – This Place to be

Steve Roach - This Place to be

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Steve Roach – This Place to be
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2016

The Bandcamp-exclusive “This Place to be” is a 72-minute longform set of atmospheres in the same spirit as “Invisible” or “Bloodmoon Rising”. It’s offered on a name-your-price basis while simultaneously trying to raise appetite for two purely atmospheric releases scheduled for August 19, 2016 (“Shadow of Time”and “Long Thoughts”).

Sure, the tranquil, drifting, slow spiraling and shapeshifting spheres from light to dark and vice versa return oncemore, but again I caught myselve having trouble tracking down and grasping the magic that fascinated and still grabs me in Steve’s earlier music. Here, this feeling stays most superficial, which also goes for the intrinsic power lurking and profound depth in his music.

I can’t help but feel the impact of his work from the last 1,5 decade or so is only a shadow compared to what he pulled out in the old days.


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